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I am a mother of two wonderful children. My daughter is 3 years old and my son is 7 months old. For me, motherhood is the best time of my life, but also the most challenging. Many moments and moments are so heartwarming, but there are also many moments that push me to my limits. So much is expected of us women that sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in it. We are to be a perfect mother, a good wife, a best friend, a daughter, a good housewife and a good employee. The demands on us women are so great and can be immensely overwhelming. In addition, there is the whole emotional chaos at the beginning of motherhood, mood swings, fears, insecurity and despair, no matter how much you have read and informed beforehand. Once you're home with the baby, everything is erased from memory. That's why I think it's very advisable to have a good midwife who accompanies you during this time and gives you security.

In my blog, I would like to talk to you about your birth experiences, the first moments with your baby, the expectations of yourself, the emotional pressure of breastfeeding and the total chaos at home without structure and plan and much more.

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Du sprichst mir aus der Seele! In dem einen Moment bin ich unendlich dankbar für meine beiden Engel und mit Liebe erfüllt und in einem anderen Augenblick könnte ich verzweifeln, wenn mein Zweijähriger, der mitten in seiner Autonomiephase steckt und mir den letzten Nerv raubt, seinen dritten Wutanfall um 8 Uhr morgens hat. Hat noch jmd einen kleinen Rabauken zu Hause!


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